Florida Sands Luxury Rentals cares about the safety of our guests and staff.  To that end, we have instituted the following procedures

In order to comply with Guidelines published by the State of Florida and Broward County, the following procedures are implemented effective June 8, 2020.

1.We will comply with all State and local emergency orders.

2.Record keeping will be done of for all vacation rentals as follows:

a.Primary renter will be documented in Lodgify

b.Primary renter will supply the names of all guests in residence via email prior to check in.These names will be entered as NOTES in the Lodgify reservation record by the rental manager or check-in agent.

c.Cleaning and or property maintenance (anyone entering the property) will be tasked and documented via the Lodgify PM app.

d.Any other visits to the property by FSLR staff will be documented via NOTES in Lodgify.

3.All property listings have been modified to state that our properties are clean, safe and ready for Guest arrival.

4.Information about our COVID 19 procedures has been placed on our website.

5.Reservations from COVID hots spots (identified by the Governor of FL) will be avoided until 8/1/2020.

6.Remote, no contact check in will be provided whenever possible.

7.We will provide for a minimum of 24 hours between guest departure and next guest arrival.

8.Check out instructions have been modified to request guests to turn on ceiling fans and leave AC set at 76 to facilitate air circulation.

9.FSLR cleaning staff has been provided a copy of our cleaning guidelines and are required to comply.

10.Any FSLR or vendor staff is to maintain social distancing when on the property with guests or other staff members.

11.Broward County and CDC resources are provided here and to our guests via the Guest App on Lodgify.A link to these resources will be provided in our “2 day prior to arrival” email.

12.We have provided CDC guidance to minimize the transmission of the virus in all properties and our staff and vendors have been instructed in the same.

13.We have provided information about our cleaning protocols is available in all properties and on our website.